San Juan

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Spring is Coming

And I’m ready for it! Here are some stuff that I’ve enjoyed looking at recently:

  • Stephen Shore. I’ve been looking at his 1982 book¬†Uncommon Places. He wanders through the U.S. for several years with an 8×10 view camera and this book is the outcome. The photos are quintessential America. Most of them are seemingly simple and¬†unimaginative, but they are actually complex and deliberate.
  • Emily Shur. She’s known for her magazine work, but I think that her personal projects are even more amazing. I really like her Wild Wild Life series. It definitely has that Shore-esque feel to it.
  • Pieter Hugo. Man this guy knows how to take a photo. I think his best project is The Hyena & Other Men. There is so much emotion in every photo and the colors are amazing.



Being inspired to take photos is so difficult. I wish I was always inspired and had new ideas and could think about what would look good. Its like writer’s block, but for photography. I guess one way out of the rut is to look at other people’s work. I look at Flickr and blogs, and occasionally books. But there’s only so much that looking at others will do. I need to just go out and take photos. Chug through it. Try my best to find things that are slightly interesting. Think of things that are original. Do something. I guess that’s the only way out.

On a positive note, my new camera works! Here are the first images its produced: